All Desserts are £4.95

Happy Anniversary!

Mango sorbet and coconut ice cream with a heart of meringue decorated with a raspberry, kiwi fruit and lychee £4.95

Chocolate Orange Bombe
Orange ice cream with a chocolate sauce centre, in Belgian chocolate £4.95

Tartufo Nocciola
Hazelnut semifreddo with a rich choclolate heart and covered in hazelnut praline and crushed meringue £4.95

Ananas Ripieno
All the flavors of the Tropics in a pineapple fruit filled with pineapple sorbet £4.95

Mango or Pistachio Kulfi
An authentic Indian Mango or Pistachio kulfi £4.95

Lemon Ripiena
Classic tangy lemon sorbet inside a Sicilian lemon shell £4.95

Coconut Ripieno
A real coconut with its flesh removed and filled with a rich coconut sorbet £4.95

Semifreddo Menta Bianco e Cioccolato
A white mint ice cream with chocolate centre and sauce £4.95

Children’s Desserts

Pookie Panda
Chocolate ice cream in a novelty ‘Pookie Panda’ character toy £4.95

Funkey Munkey
Strawberry ice cream in a novelty ‘Funkey Munkey’ character toy £4.95

nuts please note that all products may contain traces of nuts

Hot Beverages

Pot of Tea £2.50
Coffee £2.30
Decaf Coffee £2.50
Floater Coffee £2.50
Mocha £3.00
Espresso £2.00
Cappuccino £2.50
Hot Chocolate £2.75
Caffè Latte £2.95
Double Espresso £3.50
Liqueur Coffee £4.95