Map of India & Where we are from


North Region – Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan
North Indian food is not particularly spicy, however the spices used are more complex and aromatic.
Ingredients used include lamb, chicken, flour, nuts, dried fruit and dairy produce.

East and Northeast Regions
These are the most influential regions for cuisine. East Indians spend most of their income on food. Fresh
water fish and sweets are very popular. Ingredients that are most used include fish, potatoes, coconut, rice
and sweets.

West Region – Maharashta, Goa, Gujarat
Goa, Gujarat and Parsi are famous for producing outstanding dishes. Goan cuisine tends to be spicy and
uses fish, pork, chicken, seafood and coconuts as ingredients.

South Region – Hyderabad, Kerala, Madras
Hyderabad, Tamilian and Keralite cuisine is renowned throughout India. Spices often used include mustard
seeds, asafoetida, curry leaves, red chillies and tamarind making those dishes especially spicy.

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