Vegetable Dishes – Side Orders

These dishes are available as a main course at an extra cost of £2.00 per dish

BOMBAY ALO vegetarian[1]
Potatoes cooked with spices and a touch of tomato

ALO GOBI vegetarian[1]
Potatoes and cauliflower, lightly spiced

VEGETABLE CURRY vegetarian[1]
Bountiful vegetables cooked in our special sauce

SAG ALO vegetarian[1]
Spinach and potatoes, delicately cooked

SAAG vegetarian[1]
Spinach, specially spiced and delicately cooked

BHINDI vegetarian[1]
Okra (lady fingers), traditional Indian vegetable (as available)

NIRAMISH vegetarian[1]
Bountiful vegetables lightly spiced – a dry dish

TARKKA DAL vegetarian[1]
Five mixed lentils cooked with spices and herbs (our own recipe, tasty dish)

BRINJAL BHAJEE vegetarian[1]
Aubergines, lightly spiced (as available)

MUSHROOM BHAJEE vegetarian[1]
Sliced mushrooms, lightly spiced

GOBI BHAJEE vegetarian[1]
Cauliflower cooked with herbs and spices

UNDHIU vegetarian[1] nuts
Very popular North Indian dish, prepared with potatoes, yam, aubergines, refined Indian vegetables, coconut and ground nuts (as available)

PANEER vegetarian[1]
Indian cheese, lightly spiced in a sauce

SAAG PANEER vegetarian[1]
Spinach lightly spiced and cooked with Indian cheese

MUTTER PANEER vegetarian[1]
Indian cheese and green peas prepared in a tomato and onion sauce

MASALA CHIPS vegetarian[1]
Spicy Indian chips (fairly hot). Our own secret recipe (as available)

vegetarian[1] denotes suitable for vegetarians
nuts denotes nuts or traces of nuts